Flexible Lifetime® Protection Business Overheads Insurance

AMP's Flexible Lifetime® Protection Business Overheads Insurance helps you to pay the ongoing fixed costs of your business if you are injured or too ill to work. If you make a successful claim AMP will reimburse your business expenses each month for up to a year.

This type of insurance is ideal for sole traders or small businesses with up to 5 employees, which make money by providing professional services rather than by selling products. Generally, the premiums on your business overheads insurance will be a tax deductable expense for your business.

You can choose to insure up to 100% of your business expenses. Overheads covered under these policies include a wide range of regular fixed costs such as rent, staff salaries, leases on equipment and vehicles, advertising costs, accountant and audit fees, and utility bills.

Product Features

The benefits of AMP's Flexible Lifetime® Protection Business Overheads Insurance include:

  • The option to accrue unused benefits in one month and claim them in another, because AMP recognises that business expenses arise in peaks and troughs. If you don't use the full insured amount during the 12 months you may even be able to continue receiving payment for up to 6 more months until the benefit is all paid.
  • Automatic increases in the amount of your insurance cover to take account of the Consumer Price Index. (Your premiums will also increase).
  • Choice of either a 2 or 4 week waiting period before AMP will start paying benefits if you make a successful claim.
  • The option to go back to work in a partial capacity for up to 5 days within the waiting period, so that you can oversee your business.

For full details of AMP's Flexible Lifetime Protection life insurance products you can download the Product Disclosure Statement here.

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