Life Insurance Advice

Getting the right level and type of insurance cover is really, really important – because if you choose the wrong policy you may end up not being able to claim at all if the worst happens. And when you're making an important decision, it makes sense to get good advice. Expert advice, if you can find it.

There are so many policies and options that it can be just overwhelming - and who has the time to read all the fine print? This is where we come in. Our advisors are trained, experienced brokers who have detailed first- hand knowledge of every policy we sell. They also know exactly how each insurance company works and how to get the very best results at claim time.

And our advice isn't just expert, it's also free.

So why won't it cost you anything?

We give advice because we want you to buy insurance. The right insurance. If you buy your insurance through us, your underwriter will pay us a commission, which is how we make our money. The important bit is that those commissions will never influence our recommendations – we usually receive the same rate regardless of which policy you choose, so our advice is totally unbiased.

You won't pay any more for your policies if you buy through us, either. The cost of our commissions is already built into the price of the policy, because the insurance company would still have had to spend that money on reaching you through advertising, or on their own team of salespeople. And because we'll put together a customised insurance package at the best possible price, we'll probably even save you money.

So when you contact us you'll get detailed, individual advice, plus the reassurance of knowing you're buying exactly the right insurance at the best possible price.

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