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Customised Insurance options for Mining & Engineering workers

You work in a high-risk, high-pressure environment and can expect high earnings in return. You may work long hours or spend a lot of time away from home, but your sacrifice now should guarantee you a prosperous, comfortable lifestyle in the future. An accident or illness could take that away in an instant, but a life insurance package can help you protect the future you're working so hard to build.

  • Some underwriters offer special insurance packages designed for people in mining occupations, with additional benefits and options which could be very valuable for you. These can include extras like paying for accommodation or to transport you home if you fall ill while working overseas or in a remote area.

    It's not just mining engineers who can take advantage of these tailored policies – some are available to a wide range of associated professions, from accountants to electricians to geoscientists.

  • If you spend less than 40% of your working time underground, you may be able to get a favourable premium rate on your term life or TPD policy, as some insurers will assess your occupation as if you worked entirely aboveground.
  • Given the high risk of injury while at a worksite, a TPD policy could be a vital safety net for you. Some underwriters use several different definitions of 'disabled' to give you the best chance of making a successful claim, for example being unable to:
    • earn more than 20% of your previous income
    • work more than 10 hours a week
    • perform one important part of your job
  • If you can expect large increases in your earnings over the coming years you may want to take advantage of 'future insurability' options offered on some life insurance policies, which let you increase your insurance cover as your income rises, without having to provide any more medical information.

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