ClearView is a dedicated life insurance and wealth management business which provides a comprehensive suite of life insurance solutions, as well as a range of other financial products including investment, superannuation and retirement options. ClearView specialises in providing tailored financial advice and products to help people ensure they are financially prepared for whatever the future holds.

ClearView started out in 1976 as NRMA Life, providing life insurance to NRMA customers. The company has evolved and diversified over time to become a trusted, publicly listed company with over 60,000 insurance policies in force and $3.1 billion in funds under management and advice.

The values of 'collaboration, persistence, integrity and authenticity' lie at the core of ClearView's culture. The company is committed to openness and transparency and to delivering peace of mind to its clients and partners.

Product Range

ClearView offers LifeSolutions, a suite of customisable life insurance products, through its extensive network of financial planners and specialist insurance advisors. Policy options include term life, TPD, trauma and income protection cover. Some of ClearView's LifeSolutions products can be owned through a complying superfund, which may offer you tax benefits. However, this could also have pitfalls, so it's important to seek advice from your accountant or financial advisor.

ClearView encourages its clients to manage their health and wellbeing, and offers a 10% reward discount for eligible LifeSolutions customers who complete an annual online health questionnaire.

ClearView pays special attention to the needs of medical professionals, incorporating targeted built-in benefits with several of its LifeSolutions insurance products.

ClearView also offers a range of simple, standardised life insurance products including Accidental Death, Funeral and Injury Cash insurance, which offer a fixed amount of insurance benefit which can be claimed in specific circumstances. These 'off-the-shelf' policies cannot be tailored to your needs.