ClearView LifeSolutions Product Range

ClearView offers LifeSolutions, a suite of customisable life insurance products, through its extensive network of financial planners and specialist insurance advisors.

Policy options include term life, TPD, trauma and income protection cover. Some of ClearView's LifeSolutions products can be owned through a complying superfund, which may offer you tax benefits. 1300 Life Insurance's team of experienced brokers can give you expert advice on choosing the right type and level of life insurance cover and selecting the right policy structure to meet your needs. 

ClearView encourages its clients to manage their health and wellbeing, and offers a 10% reward discount for eligible LifeSolutions customers who complete an annual online health questionnaire.

ClearView pays special attention to the needs of medical professionals, incorporating targeted built-in benefits with several of its LifeSolutions insurance products.

ClearView also offers a range of simple, standardised life insurance products including Accidental Death, Funeral and Injury Cash insurance, which offer a fixed amount of insurance benefit which can be claimed in specific circumstances. These 'off-the-shelf' policies cannot be tailored to your needs.

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1300 Life insurance have access to the full range of Life Insurance available from all Australian life insurance companies. Our advisors use sophisticated analysis to evaluate the features and benefits of each product against your own needs. Our duty of care is to always act in your best interest. We will:

  • Assess your needs
  • Make an unbiased recommendation
  • Provide you with a written statement of advice
  • Ensure your cover is properly implemented

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