TAL is Australia's fourth largest insurer, and the country's leading specialist life insurance company. TAL's life insurance policies protect over 2.5 million Australians and it has over $1.5 billion of premiums in force. TAL was formerly known as Tower.

TAL is owned by the Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, which was founded in 1902 as Japan's first mutual life insurance company and is now one of the world's largest life insurers, with almost 57,000 employees and assets of over $400 billion. Dai-ichi is one of the most highly regarded companies in Japan, and is renowned for its strength and its unwavering focus on putting customers first.

TAL has received an impressive string of awards for its life insurance products, including Life Insurance Company of the Year winner at the Australian Banking and Finance Insurance Awards multiple times; Life Company of the Year winner at the Core Data Life Insurance Awards; and a Best Featured Income Protection Insurance award in Money Magazine ‘Best of the Best' Awards.

TAL believes that business success, reputation and sustainability go hand-in-hand and strives consistently through its corporate and staff activities to make a positive contribution to the community.

Case Studies (Life Insurance in Action)

Life Insurance

Mark, a 55 year old builder, was diagnosed with heart disease after experiencing some chest pains, and was given less than 6 months to live.

Under his life insurance policy with TAL, he received a payment of $1,323,000, some of which he used to pay off his mortgage, add to his wife's super fund and take a final trip overseas to visit his parents.

Mark also used it to pay for all his medical bills so his wife wouldn't have anything outstanding when he died.

Income Protection

Vanessa, a 45 year old medical specialist, seriously fractured her foot while bushwalking with her family.

As she couldn't work for several months, her Income Protection policy with TAL paid her $8,461 each month, which she used to cover her ongoing expenses (like her mortgage and bills), along with paying for her surgery and regular visits to the physiotherapist.

Critical Illness

Sophie, a 52 year old bookkeeper, found she had thyroid cancer after her doctor ran some tests for pain and swelling in her neck.

Under her Critical Illness cover with TAL, Sophie received $781,383 which she used to pay off the last part of her mortgage, all her surgery bills and take a short holiday to recuperate before going back to work.


Russell, a 34 year old executive, suffered a stroke at work. Under his TPD cover with TAL he received $593,296 which he used to pay off his mortgage and modify his home.

He also invested some and used the income to cover his living expenses and pay for his ongoing rehabilitation.

Business Expenses

Peter, 40, had been running his own marketing agency for five years, when he slipped down some stairs and broke his leg while moving house.

Having business expenses cover with TAL meant he received monthly payment of $8,550, which he used to continue paying his two employees, as well as hiring a manager on a short-term contract to keep the business running until he could return to work.

These case studies are illustrations only, but the key details are based on real TAL claims.