Asteron Life Complete Product Range

Asteron life offers a comprehensive suite of life insurance products under its Asteron Life Complete range. These policies come with a 'flexible policy linking' option which allows you to choose a tailored selection of life, TPD, trauma and income protection cover and optional extras, and bundle them in a cost-effective package.

Life Cover Linked TPD
Linked Trauma or Trauma Plus
Stand Alone Cover Stand Alone TPD
Stand Alone Trauma or Trauma Plus
Income Protection Covers Income Protection Plus
Income Protection
Accident Only Income Protection
Child Cover $10,000 free
Up to $200,000 per child
Business Expenses Cover Business Expenses Cover

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1300 Life insurance have access to the full range of Life Insurance available from all Australian life insurance companies. Our advisors use sophisticated analysis to evaluate the features and benefits of each product against your own needs. Our duty of care is to always act in your best interest. We will:

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  • Make an unbiased recommendation
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