Asteron Life Claims & Support

Asteron Life makes a promise to protect its clients and their families and to recognise the unique circumstances of every claim. They have a dedicated, caring and compassionate team of claims managers and strive to assess and pay all genuine claims as quickly and efficiently and possible.

Asteron Life understands that claims are usually made in painful and difficult circumstances so they have designed simple and efficient processes to help make it easier.

Our team at 1300 Life Insurance can guide you through the claims process and work with your Asteron Life claims manager to ensure that everything is handled as quickly and smoothly as possible.

If you need to make a claim you can contact us, or approach Asteron Life direct on 1800 024 812. You can also request a claim kit from Asteron Life and they will contact you to explain the process.

Support Services

Asteron Life Plus is a unique health and wellbeing program designed to support and guide customers in leading a healthier lifestyle. On the Asteron Life Plus website you can access a number of useful tools and services including the ‘Q Score’ risk assessment questionnaire and tailored advice from an online health coach.

You can also book a free biometric health check with your local chemist to check several key health measurements including your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol profile.

Asteron Life Plus will help you to set realistic health and lifestyle goals and offer you practical tips, encouragement and support while you achieve them.