Zurich Protection Plus Total and Permanent Disablement Cover

Total and Permanent Disablement insurance pays you a lump sum benefit if you become permanently unable to work. It protects you from the financial consequences of a lifetime being unable to earn an income.

You can buy 'own occupation' or 'any occupation' TPD Cover. Own occupation cover will generally have higher premiums but makes it more likely that you will be eligible to claim under your policy if you experience a severe illness or injury.

You can apply for a maximum of $5,000,000 TPD Cover. This limit includes any insurance you take out with another underwriter. If you insure more than $3,000,000 then you must have an equal amount of Death Cover in a linked or combined policy, and if you work in domestic duties your insurance may be capped at $1,000,000.

You can apply for Protection Plus TPD Cover until age 59. TPD policies offer cover until age 99, although there will be limits on both the amount and type of insurance you receive after age 65.

You may be able to claim a partial payment of up to 25% of your TPD Cover if you suffer from an accident or injury which leaves you impaired but not totally disabled. Any payment you receive will reduce the amount of your remaining TPD Cover, and will also have an impact on the level of your benefits in any linked Protection Plus policies. For an extra cost you can add a 'double TPD, or 'buy back TPD' option which may allow you to reinstate this cover after a year.

For full details of the Zurich Wealth Protection range of life insurance products you can download the Product Disclosure Statement here.

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