Zurich Income Replacement

Zurich offers three levels of personal income protection in its Income Replacement range: 'standard', 'comprehensive' and 'premier'. All three provide a monthly income to replace up to 75% of your regular earnings if you are sick or injured.

You can only apply for Income Replacement cover if you are in full-time paid employment, and the amount you can claim will depend on whether you buy an 'agreed value' or an 'indemnity' policy. With either type of policy, you may be able to increase your level of cover at a later stage if your circumstances change.

Built-in features for all levels of Income Replacement Cover include additional payments towards the cost of rehabilitation services; the waiver of the waiting period if you have a relapse with 12 months; and fixed extra payments if you suffer from a specified severe injury like paralysis or blindness.

The comprehensive and premier levels offer extra benefits such as immediate payments if you are confined to bed by your illness or injury; and additional payments to help pay someone to look after you while you recover.

You can customise your Zurich Income Replacement policy by choosing the benefit and waiting periods as well as some optional extras. Comprehensive and premier income protection cover, as well as longer benefit and waiting periods, may not be available if you work in a high risk occupation.

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